Everyday Woodworks and Miscellaneous Objects

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  • Easter Processional Cross
  • Chalice Box
  • Funerary Urns
  • Interior Raised Panel Shutters
  • Wall Mirror
  • Carry Box
  • Pine Carry Boxes
  • Meat Cutting Board
  • Teak Server
  • Collapsible Cradle
  • Common Cabinetry
  • Griffins

“Wooden things are an important part of living. They connect us to the real world and we cherish all woods for their warmth, beauty, usefulness and durability. Sometimes we even bury wooden boxes in the ground with our loved one’s ashes inside. It seems naturally good for the soul. We love our old wooden tool carriers, cutting boards and trays. We collect them and even pass them on to our kids [if they treat them with the same reverence!]. Nobody doesn’t like things made out of wood.”John C. Jackson
“Sometimes, you just gotta’ take what comes along if you wanna’ stay in business, am I right! Nevertheless, these [blood and guts] works come with the same “Lifetime Guarantee” as everything else. Which is to say: If it ever breaks, if the guy who made it is still alive, it gets fixed for free! Free’s a very good price, too! Some advice for the budding artisan: Just do the best you can under any given set of circumstances and make enough not to quit, which doesn’t say much. It’s like saying wood working is a living, not a life. Well, yea folks; that’s life!”John C. Jackson