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“The painted dovetail blanket chests were each made out of one wide, long poplar board.

Care was taken to join the chest ends and sides in the natural cutting order so when the box is open, grains match up continuously at the corners, inside and out. This is also gives the piece a structural advantage because all the elements expand and contract at exactly the same rate.

Insides are finished with a healthy coat of clear, water base urethane. Outsides are oil paint.

Although every piece of furniture or cabinetry is a one-of-a-kind design, if it’s good enough and if the commission cost will bear it, two are born. So it was with the Curly maple dry bar with copper top and mirrors, each also featuring an under counter small refrigerator. These are identical twin sisters; raised side by side, one for the money, one for the show!”
John C. Jackson