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  • Bat Table
  • Barefoot Breakfast Table
  • Working Class Furniture
  • Four Legged Round Top Table
  • Three Legged Tables
  • Curved Rail Table
  • Foyer Table and Mirror

“Inspiration from the “French Country” style is seen in “Working Class Tables” a limited production sold at the Philadelphia Furniture Shows mid nineties and by commission thereafter.

And to match the design language in their antique Heywood Wakefield chairs, a Reading couple asked for a like-minded kitchen table to be constructed.

Again, an opportunity for “twins”, the more stable of the two with three legs and a ton of “makeup” on top, too! [Oil based paint mixed half and half with WaterLox tung oil varnish.]”John C. Jackson
Three Legged Tables

Only the most functional table design known to Man! Never needs shimming or leveling for stability, for one thing, and for another, 3 legged tables just looks really cool, different and never out of place despite their unconventional status. Why stand on four legs when you’re better off on three, eh!

All these feature a “bridle joint” at their apex, better known in the artist’s brain as a “horse bit”. Artistic license, anyone?
John C. Jackson